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History of the Christian Religion 08-12-18
What is the Real Gospel? 10-01-17
Semi-Biblical vis-a-vis Biblical Christianity 07-28-17
Most Excruciating and Lengthiest Suffering of Jesus Christ 03-26-17
Can Creation Harmonize and Blend With Evolution? 11-14-16
God’s Wonderful Miracle On Me - A Glimpse of Purechristianity 09-02-16
God Identifies Himself 10-13-14
"God of the Holy Bible" 08-17-13
Camel Thru Eye of Needle 01-17-13
Render Unto Caesar 10-16-12
Hate Thy Father and Mother 06-11-12
Baptism 08-10-11
As it was in the Days of Noah 09-10-10
Morality, Religiosity, Spirituality 02-14-10
The NAME of God? The NAME of God! 04-13-08
God's View of the Pastoral System 02-17-08
Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God 11-25-07
Cross the Eternal Symbol for Truth 09-07-07
Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood 05-12-07
Spiritual Courtship and Marriage 04-07-07
Adam and Jesus Christ and Sin Unto Death 10-24-06
Angels Up and Down the Ladder to Heaven! 07-23-06
Pentecost and Cloven Tongues 06-11-06
The End of the World?! 05-14-06
The Virtue of 'Babes' In Christ 11-20-05
'Born Again', the Key to Salvation 10-21-05
Upon This Rock - Part II and III 08-07-05
Upon This Rock - Part I 08-07-05
Virgin Mary, The Mother of Jesus!(?) 09-04-04
Destroy This Temple! 07-05-04
Time the Sun and Moon Stood Still! 06-20-04
God Identifying Himself! 03-30-04
John Saw a Throne in Heaven! 11-09-03
Rapture And It's Silhouette 09-08-03
Seed Must Die to Bear More Fruits 06-28-03
Women Forbidden to Wear Man's Clothe 05-15-03
The Two Witnesses to the Truth 04-12-03
Clean and Unclean Food 01-14-03
A Pearl of Great Price 11-16-02
Let Us Make Man in Our Image 10-07-02
Miracles and Wonders 09-11-02
Old and New Testament 07-06-02
The Wise and Foolish Builders - Part II 05-27-02
The Wise and Foolish Builders - Part I 04-18-02
Lord of the Sabbath 03-19-02
Tracing the 'Original Sin' (The Physical Sin) 01-11-02
First-Second-Third Heaven 11-18-01
Who is My Neighbour? 10-18-01
Deciphering God's Spiritual Language 09-13-01
Judge Not... 09-04-00
The Chosen Few 07-13-00
An Eye for an Eye 06-11-00
Confession of a Lost Sheep 03-06-00
Mary Magdalene Personifies the Ideal Believer 02-26-00
Love Thy Enemies 02-21-00
Smite on the Right Cheek... 02-01-00
'Jesus is the Way,' Can We Follow Him? 12-08-99
'Behold, I Stand at the Door' 11-01-99
The Rich Man and Lazarus 09-26-99
Samson - The Strong and Weak Combatant 07-24-99
Gideon and His 300 Men 06-05-99
Chapels, Churches, Cathedrals, & the House of the Lord 05-05-99
Christ and Satan in Contrast 03-22-99
Pure Religion 02-07-99
Happiness, Joy, and Peace 08-23-98
'Those in Judea, Flee to the Mountains!' 07-03-98
No Sign, But the Sign of Jonah 05-28-98
Spiritual vs. Religious Fellowship 04-14-98
The '666' Mark 11-21-97
God vs. Man's Explanation of the Lord's Prayer 10-02-97
Tithes and Offering 09-24-97
Jesus the Carpenter 09-08-97
Events After The Birth Of Jesus 07-16-97
Born In A Manger 06-22-97
Star of Bethlehem and the Wise Men 04-03-97
Christmas and the Two Witnesses 01-04-97
The Men Called Christians 11-04-96
From the Red Sea to the Wilderness 10-08-96
Apostolic Succession Doctrine 07-26-96
Cleanliness on the 'Outside' & 'Inside' 07-06-96
God of the Old and New Testament 04-15-96
Only God is the Shepherd 02-26-96
Tower of Babel and the 'Religious Languages' 01-09-96
Origin of the Pastoral System 11-06-95
What Really is the SPIRITUAL Sin of Eve 10-22-95
Jesus of the (Original) Apostles 09-12-95