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Jul 13, 2000

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GOD, Hallelujah !!

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Posted Nov 23, 2005 at 11:42:07 AM
Subject: GOD, Hallelujah !!
God, we all of us here endlessly thank You for all of these Spiritual Words and Revelations. We, again found time to feed our spirits thru the purechristianity website. Your Words are alive that made our spirits jump, rejoice and praise (hello brother porong). Wish that this place of our fellowship stands for long to let us be always in touch with all of you far-out brethren. Amang with his faith today caused his family to broke away with him and it is so emotionally sad. Hope that he would still stand strong for the Truth that is within all of us here. Spiritual Truth goes in deeper and deeper to mama, peter and mary whenever we are given time to be together here in this internet cafe. brother porong, amang, tony, peter sisters chayong, mary        [b][i][/i][/b] Send instant messages to your online friends http://uk.messenger.yahoo.com
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