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Time the Sun and Moon Stood Still!

- With man’s understanding of the word of God, how could the “sun and moon standing still” be explained?

- How many people accept that God’s words are expressed in parable?

- Who can explain the word but God alone through His words?


Jun 20, 2004

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Getting obscene e-mail links!

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Posted Jan 14, 2007 at 6:34:54 AM
Subject: Getting obscene e-mail links!
I'm new to this site; while it does bother me that the owner (I assume) does not prefer to mention who he/she is, I have indeed found some good articles and Biblical concepts that are interesting, and many I agree with! Right now I'm having a major problem, but do not know how to contact the administrator directly, so am posting this here: In my e-mail inbox, I've been getting mail containing links to obscene videos and information. I've seen maolivia (I believe it is) post that some of the content on the talk forum here promotes stuff that's inappropriate for Bible talk. I agree with maolivia. In my first visit to the discussion board, I came across a post advertising male sex enhancers or some such stuff. That is inappropriate, in my opinion. However, I could put up with that [b]if[/b] it's within this board's rules; but the e-mails I've been getting are a different story. I DO NOT wish to receive any e-mails with links of that type! Most of the other e-mails I've gotten that might actually be good, are mixed-up and unreadable. ...Just posting this here so maybe people will see and take note! I would not mind getting personal e-mails of a Bible-discussion nature, but do not want the other kind. If those continue to come into my e-mail inbox, I may have to exit this site altogether, and/or prohibit any e-mails from anyone related to this site. Can I do that in my profile set-up? ...Or just how do I contact the board administrator? anyone know? Blessings, y'all...!

His mercy endureth for ever.

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Posted: Jan 14, 2007 7:36:40 AM
Hi, Thanks for your feedback. The last few days, the website was under attack and security was compromised. As a temporary measure, we have blocked the source of these postings after identifying the offending poster and deleted the messages posted in the forum. Going forward, we will continue to seek any gaps in the system and provide a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. Admin
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Posted: Jun 29, 2007 12:46:19 PM
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Posted: Apr 10, 2008 4:32:41 AM
I suppose all sincere participants in this forum have the same problems regarding this matter. My only consolation is that of the old proverb, “robbers are attracted to a tree full of enchanting fruits.” Certainly the enemies of the TRUTH would find ways to distract the attention of those “on the Way” for this is their solace for the time being.
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