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Deciphering God's Spiritual Language

- God is a Spirit, immortal and heavenly. Man is physical being, mortal, and earthly.

- God spoke and is represented by His words.

- Who can explain God’s words? How?


Sep 13, 2001

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Why did it need to separate the Tree of Life?

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Posted: Feb 12, 2006 5:48:41 AM
In the First Act of God: Gen 3:21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make [size=18][i][b]coats of skins, and clothed them[/b][/i].[/size] &#8220;Coats of skin&#8221; can only be made after shedding the blood of animals, say, a lamb or oxen that symbolizes the &#8220;shedding of blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.&#8221; Clearly this symbolizes salvation for &#8220;without Christ there is no salvation.&#8221; Act 4:12 [size=18][b]Neither is there salvation in any other[/b][/size]: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Jesus Christ, &#8220;God in the flesh&#8221; (1 Tim 3:16 KJV), Emmanuel &#8220;God with us&#8221; (Mat 1:23) in His role as Father made the TESTAMENT of salvation [size=24]requiring the death of the testator[/size]: Heb 9:16 For where a testament is, there must also of [size=12]necessity be the death of the testator[/size]. Further reading recommended: GOD IDENTIFYING HIMSELF! http://www.purechristianity.org/index.php/news/God_Identifying_Himself%21
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Posted: Feb 25, 2006 3:18:10 AM
Eve (or the people), after eating the forbidden fruits (human wisdom and feeling) of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil (soul) is denied access to the Tree of Life. Ezekiel 34:16 "I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick....." Among the sinners (who have eaten the the forbidden fruits) are the "chosen" who, according to the foreknowledge of God, will humble themselves before Him. They are the "lost sheeps" that are sick (their soul).Yes, God said that He will strengthen them. But let us not forget that those who are denied access to the Tree of Life can not just call nor have relationships on Him that easy. Ezekiel 34:11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out. The Lord Himself as the Shepherd is the one searching and seeking for His own sheeps. Eze 34:13 "And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country." God, after He have sought a sheep by "circumstances" He brings him/her to his/her own land which is the "Household of God:" Ephesians 2:19 "Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;" These members of the "Household of God," they are the ones called by God, "Israel" (not "Israel's" they, being "one in Christ"). As whom God will choose among them, he or she will be the one to feed the sheep found by the Lord: Malachi 3:10 "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." The "storehouse" is the Household of God, "meat " symbolizes the "word" and the "house" for the "people:" Hebrews 3:6 " But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we...." Are all in the "Household of God" can teach a "lost sheep?". No. But only those that are anointed and appointed by the Lord. And who are they? Genesis 3:16 "Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." John 15:16 "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. " The words, " that ye should go and bring forth fruit" means the "chosen" have to pass through being pregnant with God. Now, considering that "faith is one of the Fruits of the Spirit, we can sense that although the Bible says it is a "gift," it is not easily given by God. Going back to the "lost sheep," when is the time that they can have full access to the Tree of Life? Isaiah 28:9 "Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts." Who can wean but a mother ? Very clearly, every sheep found by the Lord is first taught by a woman or a wife of the Lord (who have the fruits of faith and love). If she see that it is about time that that sheep be weaned (being humble accepting and accepting the word without being selective), that's the only time that the Lord will enter into the scene and teach the sheep, "knowledge." To make everything short, except we be converted from being a goat to being a sheep or be like a "child" (meek like a sheep) in the eyes of God, we can not enter into the kingdom of God: Matthew 18:3 "And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Being like a little child ? This is it: "Lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life , and EAT (not selective) and live forever..." ( Genesis 3:22)
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