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- Will many people be saved?

- Where do people go? To the many? Or, to the few?


Jul 13, 2000

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Please take note

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Posted Jan 25, 2008 at 3:09:21 PM
Subject: Please take note
It was almost a month now that recent postings are not appearing on the Bible Talk list forum proper. Observed that they only show on the Bible Talk index. Also my suggestion that the image transfer and video function be disabled so that no picture obscenities would be able to get in to the website. Anyway, we brethren craved absolutely for [b][u]G[/u] [u]O[/u] [u]D[/u][/b] 's Spiritual Truth on [b]His[/b] Words [b]He[/b] commanded to be written only. [u][/u] Or, a message text filtering might also be programmed so that whenever a porno, sex or other words with obscenity in nature be blocked with an auto send back reply to the sender. Can the administrator too open the delete function for all the registered true brethren only so that there would be a timely wiping out of these evil posts ? Thank you very much. almario1
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