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Time the Sun and Moon Stood Still!

- With man’s understanding of the word of God, how could the “sun and moon standing still” be explained?

- How many people accept that God’s words are expressed in parable?

- Who can explain the word but God alone through His words?


Jun 20, 2004

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to them, literal babies >

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Posted Mar 26, 2007 at 11:12:30 AM
Subject: to them, literal babies >
Dear brethren, Here are another PEx forum exchanges concerning the state of belief and faith of physical babies. Please share on this so i can post to the forum what is all about when came upon from GOD's revelations of Spiritual Truth. unceasingly praising and rejoicing only from GOD's Words of Spiritual Truth that HE commanded to be written. [u]Mar 22, 2007, 10:22 PM #171[/u] joma_s Member what is it if babies up to 3 yrs old are atheist or not? [u]Mar 22, 2007, 10:36 PM #172[/u] albert_sy2 The Antichrist ^apparently, somebody here thinks that humans are programmed at birth to be believers in a "god" concept. [u]Mar 23, 2007, 11:06 AM #173 [/u] vinta18 What the frell?!? ^ Which is why no one wants to give any ground. For atheists, submitting to the definition that atheism is "denial" implies that god exists and that we are just rejecting the concept. For theists, accepting that babies with no prior knowledge of god are automatically atheists means accepting that the burden of proof lies on them. [u]Mar 23, 2007, 11:23 AM #174 [/u] [b]la_flash The Forgotten... Apologist So babies with no idea what god is are theists, still? Since they are not atheists per your definition. Oh, and never quote wikipedia on sensitive issues like this. Ows, why not consider the babies as agnostics? why atheists? [/b] [u]Mar 23, 2007, 04:24 PM #175[/u] loc0 Because agnosticism is the position where one claims he does not know or cannot know whether god exists or what his nature may be. Since babies cannot make this claim, they're not agnostics. You do not need to make any claim of god's non-existence to be atheist, the basic requirement that would qualify one as such is to be devoid of theism (knowledge or practice), hence the a- prefix meaning without. [u] Mar 23, 2007, 04:32 PM #176[/u] vinta18 ^ What he said. Agnosticism is actually the more sophisticated position. [u]Yesterday, 01:29 AM #177[/u] [b]Tanaka_Yukio Member Heh, in my opinion, the unbelievers are more knowing because instead of believing in what they're told, they look for the answers they need themselves... [/b] [u]Yesterday, 12:36 PM #178 [/u] [i]Jonga Bann.ed by Rot nah, babies weren't actually born atheist, theist or agnostics....they're born HUMAN, and they will believe according to what they immediately need... isn't that d@rn obvious[/i] [u]Yesterday, 12:52 PM #179[/u] albert_sy2 The Antichrist they sure as h*ll don't need god [u]Today, 08:35 AM #180[/u] [b]la_flash The Forgotten... Apologist LOL, it's funny that somebody can be so sure with his position... haha. [/b] [u]Today, 10:00 AM #181[/u] albert_sy2 The Antichrist ^try using "god will provide" on a baby and it will be dead in 2 days. [u]Today, 10:15 AM #182[/u] [i]nicolai_frank LOVE The original meaning of atheism is the "disbelief in the existence of God". Again, disbelief is the noun form of the active verb "disbelieve". One cannot disbelieve in the existence of something without using mental faculty. How could a baby disbelieve if it cannot use its mental faculty yet? It cannot disbelieve God's existence, therefore, it cannot be considered atheist. [/i]
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